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Warning: for adults 18+ only! Contains oral and explicit sex

kitty-fine-the-quickieSynopsis: This is a very short but sizzling sexy story. Nympho Nikki finds a way to be naughty during a boring class in her last year of high school. She scores with the high school quarterback for a hot, explicit quickie at school.

Lady Pokingham says: The Quickie by Kitty Fine is certainly a quickie, at only 3 pages long, it is a story that you will take you 5 minutes to read and get your pulse rate up.

I liked the idea behind this story horny school girl has rampant sex with a student in a classroom, classic but effective. However, I found Kitty’s story far harder to access then I would want from a short story. I discussed this piece with my colleague who also read it and we found that we both had trouble with it although for very different reasons. The language was very crude, which I don’t mind and personally I think in the right context the shock of crudeness can enhance the story and the pleasure; my colleague found the use of cunt etc. stalled the story and was unnecessary, making it less enjoyable. My struggle was with the style of writing. Kitty writes her piece as if it is from the teenage girls perspective, which I like, as it makes it more personal, but in this case it falls short. Instead of getting pulled into the story I felt like an outsider reading a series of events rather than a story, the language is clunky and for me it didn’t flow.

If you want an introduction to erotica then this is a good place to start, it is entertaining and erotic, and will most certainly lead you to seek out other erotica.

About the Author:

kitty-fineKitty Fine writes sex stories and erotica, getting inspiration from her own wild days and her naturally naughty mind. A former Catholic school girl, stripper and nympho, she aims to please with her bad girl sex stories and her vivid imagination. She writes hardcore erotic porn stories that make her readers as hot as she gets writing them.

Keep up with Kitty on her blog at: http://alleroticastories.com