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Lady Pokingham says: I hate to start on a negative but …. this was quite disappointing! This is an erotic story without much eroticism. Like Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs the sex is implied rather actually described. Elyot builds her narrative up creating a detailed if not predictable storyline. Just when the two main characters Sally and Alex are about to have sex and the piece reach its climax so to speak, Elyot cuts it short. There is some good spanking action and the suggestion of anal sex, but none of this is described. Instead the story jumps to the next day where Sally walks like a cowboy, with a sore bum and pussy, and has a big smile on her face.

Ultimately with no sex and no erotic description this piece falls massively short and is not something I would recommend to someone looking for a short story to get their pulse racing. It is however a good starting point for someone who perhaps wants to be slowly eased into reading erotica.