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The Warlord Wants Forever  is one of Kresley Cole’s short stories and is the last one in the collection Playing Easy to Get.

I love the idea of having characters from the Lore in this story, from Vampires to Valkyrie with Ghouls and Demons. What I also enjoyed was that these characters were not the PG rated creatures that sparkle in the sunlight and are generally the sickening rubbish wishy washy disney-esq teenage girl lovely wimps. Instead Cole creates sexually fierce, strong, formidable and extremely tantalising male and female creatures of the Lore.

For once it isnt the lead female who is weak but instead Wroth is greatly affected by his love for Myst. His intense need for her blood and sex debilitates him as he is in a constant state of arousal with no relief, which creates a fantastic dynamic to the storyline. Their relationship is marred by his obsessive need for her and the extreme lengths he will go to keep her as his; as well as his jealousy of the woman he perceives her to have been before they met. This is a nice role reversal, as stereotypically it is the female that becomes jealous and self-destructive.

Out of the collection from Playing Easy To Get, this is easily my favourite. I won’t lie at times I felt frustrated (not sexually) at Wroth’s treatment of Myst and annoyed that Cole created a woman that loves his despite his abuse. However, I soon realised that it wasn’t ‘abuse’ as such, instead it was the insecurities of a man manifesting themselves and the need of an inherently strong and independent woman to feel protected colliding to provide an equal and mutually respectful relationship. It just took a while for them to get there!