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Those of you who have read both the Lara Adrian’s “Midnight Breed” and JR Ward’s “Black Dagger Brotherhood” (not Black Brother Daggerhood) I’m sure have noticed the suspicious similarities between the two series. For those of you who still are at the beginning of the journey and the thrill of reading above series is still ahead of you, I’ll do my best to avoid any spoilers which might hinder the pleasure of the unknown.

The most transparent similarities found in the writings of both authors are:

  1. The Vampires are a race which lives alongside the human population, who remains blissfully unaware of their existence. In BDB the Vampires are created by a deity and share no common DNA with humans, whereas in MB the vampires originated from the alien race who started breeding with selected human females (called the Breedmates) hence combining the alien DNA with human in the same time keeping the characteristics of their forefathers, e.g. UV sensitivity, blood lust, longevity, enhanced strength and senses.
  1. The main characters belong to an Order/Brotherhood of seasoned warriors fighting with Rogues (vampires who have succumbed to an ever-present Bloodlust, hence becoming mindless killing machines) or Lessers (the undead humans serving another deity – Omega and aiming to exterminate the Vampire race). The mission is the protection of the Vampire society (called in Adrian’s series – the Breed) and humans who accidentally got stuck in the cross-fire.
  2. In the first book the leaders find their mates and in consecutive instalments each of the warriors follows the lead, hence each book is devoted to one warrior.

The only problem I had with such a plot progression was the fact that those glorious, virtually immortal warrior have been around for centuries, living alone, unable to find “the one”. And then in a span of a couple of years suddenly all of them find their one and true mate? Seriously? It’s a tat unbelievable.

But putting that aside, the question is whether it is possible to enjoy both series even though the similarities are undeniable. I would say, yes, if you acknowledge that the development of plot throughout the books would be rather predictable, at least to the extent of finding the one, true love. But then I suppose we don’t really read those books for their contribution to the literature or aspirations to win the Booker Prize Award, which I believe is what a lot of people fail to realise.

The other aspect which intrigued me was when each series was first published. Especially that I was a bit of a JR Ward devotee ever since I was first introduced to the whole genre of paranormal romance by the “Dark Lover” (helluva start). And as it turned out Lara Adrian published her book “Kiss of Midnight” (Book 1 in “Midnight Breed”) two years AFTER the “Dark Lover” by JR Ward (2009 vs 2007). And that started me to wonder: is it important, for us the readers, to know who got there first? Who was inspired by whom? Or is it just about the pleasure of reading and being artfully transferred into a blissful world of undying love, boundless passion and gorgeous men.