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I have just started reading Lover Avenged the Seventh book in J.R.Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my thoughts so far!

I have been reluctant to start this book and if I am honest have struggled to get into it. I think that this is because of my disappointment with the two previous instalments. Also I will willing admit that the storyline of Lash at the moment bores me (I am only 150 pages in), I love the relationships, storylines and sex but with Lash nothing is progressing, none of the Brotherhood have pieced together the puzzle and for me it is uninteresting. On the other hand without it I would also probably complain too, maybe I am just being picky at the moment!!

I am enjoying the introduction of more ‘adult’ issues in Beth and Wrath’s relationship. I don’t want to give away any spoilers and because I am so early in the book I actually cant reveal much, what I will say is that there are problems within their relationship which I think I am going to enjoy as it adds a realistic aspect to their life together. One of my gripes with Ward has always been that we are introduced to these female characters who then marry into the Brotherhood and are never heard of again; we see them in the background but never the story of their lives with the Brotherhood, so to see a snippet of their relationship in a book that doesn’t introduce them is a welcomed addition to the storyline.

It is unusual that a Brotherhood relationship starts in a ‘normal’ way, they are usually thrown together in some random dramatic event. This has made the introduction of Elhena a nice alternative, no one was dying and I love the awkward yet slightly flirtatious conversation that she has with the man that I can presume she will fall for….