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C.L. Knight’s short story focuses on the fantasies of Steve who wants to see his wife, Kara, have sex with another man. Admittedly I was sceptical about how Knight would successfully engage in such a topic whilst making her writing exciting, involved and yet realistic. However, she proved me wrong. Careful What You Wish For is all of those things! I found myself relating to her characters and caring about their experiences and marriage. Kara’s fears and doubts, but overriding curiosities are human and a truthful portrayal, whilst the scenes and sex are realistic and enjoyable. I was surprised by Knight’s interesting choice to continue her story after the climactic sexual act, however, I enjoyed this continuation of the storyline and I found myself wanting to read more.

Some of the descriptions are clunky and disrupt the flow and mood of the piece; however, Knight quickly makes up for this with multiple and varied sexual encounters and her ability to conjure tantalisingly sexy scenarios.

Overall I really enjoyed Careful What You Wish For, it drew me in and made me connect with the characters quickly all while being erotic. I am certainly intrigued to see where Knight takes this story next and if she can continue the storyline without loosing any of the fantasy and becoming hindered by the realism of the piece.

To download C.L. Knight’s Careful What You Wish For go to: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/158401