This is the first of a series of pieces I will be writing on the female characters in J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood….

The chosen are a group of women in J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series who live in the sanctuary with the Scribe Virgin. They are seen as the perfect women who live to serve the Primale and further the race, with sons becoming members of the brotherhood and the females become chosen. The sanctuary is all white and embodies perfection.

Interestingly when the chosen are moved to the normal world they are described as relishing in domestic chores. They fight over who can hoover, they love to clean etc. There is no suggestion that they are reading, learning about the world as a whole or the prospect that they may one day work. Obviously they are new to technology and therefore would be in awe of daily appliances that the reader takes for granted. However, by confining these women to the domestic sphere Ward is immediately placing them in the ideal female role that they already embodied. The chosen originally represented the chaste sacrificial virgin that was held as an ideal for many centuries, they are silent, obedient and chaste, where their purpose in life is to serve the Virgin Scribe (another ideal in herself) and the Primale – giving their bodies to the race. The Primale rules them, he decides who he wants to have sex with etc. and these women are the chosen of their race for the subservience and beauty. After all to fail is to think of themselves, have desires for themselves, for there is no single ‘chosen’ they are an entity that think together and are seen as one. Consequently, when Ward moves these women from the chosen role to the real world if one can call it that, but confining them to the domestic sphere she condemns them to the later ideal feminine, the once again chaste domestic goddess. This domestic ideal has a few more thoughts than the chosen but are still not autonomous, they serve the domestic needs as set out by a male.