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As the first piece of male written erotica to review on this blog I was extremely excited to read this novella by Jason Jaxx and I have to say I am impressed. What attracted me to the story in particular was that it is written from the point of view of the male main character coincidently names Jason. The storyline is simple and there are no relationship troubles or insecurities to distract from the sex scenes.

A Night on the Town is an isolated description of one evening spent at a sexy and specialist banquet by married couple Jason and Nicky. This banquet allows them to fulfil their debauched desires and fulfil their fantasies. If you have ever read The Story of O, enjoyed it and thought I would love a modern day take on this, then this is the story for you. With drug fuelled orgies, oral, vaginal and anal sex A Night on the Town certainly ticks all the boxes.

Jaxx is no exception to the struggle of all writers of erotica to find varied ways of describing sex, cocks and cunts. However, he has managed to avoid the pitfalls of many authors and has instead made the decision to keep his imagery simple, sexy and realistic, which as a reader I thoroughly enjoyed. None of the language felt forced, and although I usually do not enjoy dirty talk, as it can feel contrived, Jaxx has kept it appropriate to his characters and situation, thus resulting in well-written and erotic commands between sexual partners.

One thing I will say is that this piece would actually work really well as a series of shorter stories. This is not to say that A Night on the Town does not work as a novella, some readers may just find it overwhelming. With so much sex (which is a good thing!) readers may find themselves becoming desensitised and the building of eroticism can stall. Whereas if this was broken down the reader would travel with the characters on the waves of pleasure in short bursts allowing them to get lost in the vivid descriptions. Although, luckily for Jaxx this also works as a long piece!

Overall, I have really enjoyed reading A Night on the Town, I think it is well written and certainly erotic and sexy. This may be slightly hardcore for readers new to the world of erotica, however, for those who enjoy unadulterated sex this is guaranteed to get your pulses racing and leave you wanting more.

To find out more about Jason Jaxx check out this interview with the author or follow him on twitter. Alternatively, you can buy his work from amazon and smashwords