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This is perfect for the short story for anyone who likes their sex with a storyline. The Final Dance from all Hooked up at the Wedding collection tells the sexy scene of when Ashley’s fantasies come true at her sisters wedding when she meets and has her way her ultimate crush.

Rather than delving straight into the sex Lai sets up a believable scenario and creates a realistic female character that has insecurities and a back-story (including a sense of humour between siblings). The masculine country-western singing superstar Josh Mitchell is the object of her fantasy and is just as aroused by her as she is with him. The great thing about this story is that everyone can relate to it. We have all had, and still have, those celebrities who we would love to do naughty things with and would jump at the chance for it to become a reality. Ashley lives our fantasies, nerves and ‘what the fuck’ moments that we would have in her position!

There is a sense of romance and sensuality in the seduction, with the ideal amalgamation of his strength and tenderness. The sex is passionate and descriptive enough so you can get carried away in the scene, with Emma leaving enough room to let your imagination go wild…perfect!

If you like pure sex this is not the story for you, however, this is the story for anyone who wants to get whisked away in a erotica fantasy or who are easing into the world of erotica.

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