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You are bound to your bed completely naked. Not tied painfully tight, but securely enough that you’re not going anywhere.

This short story is NOT for anyone who is dipping their toe into the world of BDSM or who are looking for romance, longing gazes or tender moments. This is however perfect for readers who enjoy hardcore BDSM and narratives full of sexual torture.

The tone of this piece is authoritative from the start with the reader being immediately transported into the role of the submissive. Dylan Cross wisely chose the second person pronoun of ‘you’ to give his story face slapping power and a dominance that some writes would shy away from.

Left to her Own Devices explores the world of sadism with the dominating man taking pleasure in the submission and sexual torture of his partner; however, this is not one-sided, the sub is certainly enjoying herself and so does the reader.

Interestingly the submissive is given a certain amount of power over her own pain/pleasure threshold, which I enjoyed, but this is still within the confines of her submissive position. There is a certain mysteriousness surrounding his characters that enhances the story, with this anonymity adding to the eroticism of the piece and the dom/sub dynamic. If Cross gave his readers a lot of back-story with their day jobs, relationships etc I am not sure that it would work as well; subsequently Left to her Own Devices works perfectly as a short story.

Like any piece of literature this story will not suit everyone’s tastes. However, it is both thoughtfully and well written, with an erotic and sexually charged storyline. Cross has come up with new and exciting ways to bring the sexual preferences of his characters to life with a brilliantly thought out twist at the end which will certainly leave you wanting more!

Left to her Own Devices is availble from Amazon UK and Amazon US. For more information on Dylan Cross check out his Smashwords profile