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She wanted him to plunge into her and make her feel loved and punished and needed all at the same time.

Lucee Joie’s Bite (Tease me) is an imaginative and surprising story. Joie takes her time to build the story with sensually sexy descriptions laced with the occasional piece of humour, which gives the story a humanism that allows us to get sucked into and lost within the narrative.

With a title like Bite and the Bram Stoker-esq opening descriptions I assumed this would be a vampire piece, however I was wrong but not disappointed. Instead, Lucee takes her readers on an imaginative and tantalising ride that will keep you guessing on the nature of this fantasy man. This mysteriousness of this stranger is upheld to keep the eroticism of the sex up until the end where Lucee gives the reader a few moments of insight into his thoughts. These create a sense longing both within the character and the reader.

This is a sexy short story which readers who like their sex with character development and a storyline. At times this can be a little predictable but Lucee has made sure to add a nice twist to combat this, creating an entertaining and erotic piece.

On a side note Bite has a lot of scope to move further with the idea and I would love to see it as a long piece or a series, with parts of the narrative being from the perspective of the man.

Bite is available on kindle from Amazon USA