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Helluva way to start a day with a quickie that gets your heart racing better than a double espresso and a morning jog.

As you’ve probably guessed I really enjoyed this short story by Jason Jaxx. The plot is very simple and focuses on a regular at the local music store fantasising about “the girl behind the counter” aka the cute Goth girl. The story describes one of his regular visits which, however, has an unexpected turn of events with the two of them ending up on the aforementioned counter pretty hot and bothered. The end.

The whole encounter is told from the point of view of the customer: a self-conscious middle-aged man fantasising about a girl half his age and chastising himself for it. A bit of Lolita re-run. And even though I’m not a particular fan of that classic literary masterpiece nor the whole “Fuck me, Daddy!” fetish the story ends up being more enticing and erotic than vulgar and disgusting. Why?  I believe it all comes down to the portrayer of the man and the girl. Seduction is left to the girl, who even though young and described as rather innocent looking, has a sense of sexuality about her and knows what she wants. In response to his well-concealed (or so he thought) ogling of her bum and breasts (surprise, surprise) she takes charge and very quickly the whole hell breaks loose. The act of seduction and sexual interplay is very alluring and flows uninterrupted to its culmination. It allows for the excitement to build up without the sloppy descriptions or crude words which are the common pitfalls in stories like that.

Concluding, even if you are not into the whole Lolita interplay and Daddy fetish, you might still enjoy the story for its seductive tone and a well-paced and well-written storyline.