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Contains: bondage, fetish, anal and vaginal sex.

“She was here and now and vibrant and alive, a dutiful slave; but the truth was she was in charge. This is everything she wanted. To be worshipped and used, adored and abused, all at the same time.”

Cameron Lincoln’s Maria Unchained is the first story I have ever read by this author and I was certainly not disappointed. Cameron employs a simple yet effective writing style, which is easy to get lost within. The storyline is straightforward, making this perhaps unsuitable for readers who enjoy multiple characters and complex storylines. Admittedly Maria Unchained is a also slow starter and I found myself thinking ‘where is the sex?’ However, Lincoln quickly unveils why the build up is so important to the character development and I feel sufficiently red faced. This back-story allows the reader to connect and identify with Maria, all whilst making the sex far more powerful, freeing and erotic. By keeping an air of mystery around what this ‘place’ offers their client Lincoln creates anticipation that keeps the reader engaged, with the anonymity of the Master adding to the fantasy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the idea behind this story – a company that allows women to dictate and then live out their deepest sexual fantasies in a safe and non-judgemental environment, which frankly appeals and taps into the desires of all women. As the reader I am invited into Maria’s scenario, which is surprising and provocative, and ultimately the personal transformation that occurs as a result.

As a woman one of the things that I loved was that Maria’s fantasy was never something to be ashamed of, instead she learns and accepts her sexuality and sexual preferences, something that is rarely allowed within erotica. The world of BDSM and submission is often treated as something a woman is reluctantly forced into or humiliated within, thus resulting in it being viewed negatively by some readers. Lincoln portrays a woman who, through the realisation of her fantasies, is empowered and freed, which in itself is incredibly sexy. If you enjoy being slapped in the face with a large cock whilst chained then you will loose yourself in the lustful musings of Maria and get off while doing it.

Maria Unchained is available from Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Smashwords.