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Who is the mysterious woman? Her elegant and cultured face framed in a delicate blonde bob which caresses her shoulders, her brown eyes warm and smooth like chocolate, her full lips a passionate red fire of lipstick. She steps into the back of his London taxi cab and chooses to slowly strip in silence as he drives, placing her blue business jacket and skirt neatly in a pile on the seat beside her…

The Lady Loves to Strip by James Lusarde is an unequivocally beautiful story. Set in London in the summer the story revolves around a young taxi driver and his anonymous fare. Lusarde takes his time to describe the stunning London scenery, which adds to the ambiance and richness of the piece.

The Lady Loves to Strip is not what you expect in any way, shape or form. From the title I thought I would be reading a story about a conventional stripper, but instead Lusrade creates a subtle, sexual and surprising narrative centred on the desire of the female fare to be free, which is portrayed through her body.

The Lady Loves to Strip is reminiscent of Venus in Furs with the idolatry of the female character, the taxi driver worships her beauty and freedom as every day she strips further and further in to the back of his cab. The slow pace of the writing mirrors the slow sexy act – rather than rushing the description of the scene and her body, the author savours every touch, every moment, building the eroticism of the union.

What I particularly enjoyed was the little twist at the end, I do not want to spoil this wonderfully well-written story, but it was a surprising and for me romantic idea. Lusrade is brave enough to add a touch of melancholic longing to his story, which is a rare trait especially in a short erotic story. However, I never felt cheated by this fact, instead it made the connection between these two strangers even more powerful and beautiful.

Needless to say I loved this story for its originality, twists and purely stunning descriptions!

To find out more about James Lusarde and get a free extract of his story check out his Blog, alternatively you can buy The Lady loves to Strip from Amazon US and Amazon UK