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Excerpt: “Oooh, fuck!” she exclaimed. Once again she struggled against the cuffs as her mind insisted that she reach forward to stroke his cock. She longed to hold it in her fist. He was rubbing her nipples, teasing them and lapping at them with his tongue. Lights and colors flashed in the darkness before her and she felt another orgasm come crashing over her in an explosion of blue and green and red and yellow and stars and she was screaming and shaking.

Lady Pokingham says: Ashley harbours a wicked, secret fantasy that involves being cuffed and taken by two unknown men. Sexually frustrated and rebuffed by her husband, Ashley takes the plunge and responds to an advert that promises to turn her fantasy into a reality. Ashley’s Craving does exactly what it promises to, Ashley is a believable character who I immediately warm to. The idea of Fantasies4U, the company that will endeavour to match and create your sexual fantasies, is one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The conversation between Marla in customer services and Ashley are convincing, with Ashley asking realistic questions and having understandable doubts and worries. I enjoyed the human aspect of Ashley’s Craving and through Jaxx’s writing I believed that this was a real story and I found myself wondering in Fantasies4U truly existed. The emotions were never overpowering but always convincing which added to the sexily steamy story.

The only part of the story that I wasn’t 100% convinced by was that this sexually frustrated wife whose previous sexual experiences were truly uneventful would so quickly falling into the character of submissive ‘fuck toy’. Perhaps if she had taken a few more minutes to truly feel at ease with this new facade I would have found it more believable. However, this does not distract from the story at all, it is just my personal preference, after all if I had paid money to have my fantasy come true I would probably jump straight into character too!

I loved the twist at the end and found myself wondering if the truth would ever come out. Ashley’s fantasies and the realisation of these, dominate the story leading to a narrative full of hot, titillating sex. The descriptions are detailed, creating a sizzling atmosphere that the reader gets lost in.

Jaxx has created a well thought out and deftly written erotic story, which teases all the right areas. As always Jason Jaxx has delivered an enthralling and provocative story that I wish I could be a part of. Ashley’s Craving left me wanting my own Fantasies4U!