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Excerpt: Kathryn squeezed the flesh and pulled Shelley closer to her as their lips met again, tongues churning with hunger. Her fingers peeled back the hem of Shelley’s skirt so it bunched around her waist, her ass exposed to the air, and Kathryn traced a probing finger down the warm canyon, tickling her anus before reaching the hotbed she aimed for.

Lady Pokingham says: A Friendly Rivalry certainly keeps you engaged with its lesbian experimentation, foursomes, and a whole lot of sex! The story revolves around two young ladies, Kathryn and Shelley, best friends and rivals for years on everything including men.  Now that they live together their world of sexuality and experimentation opens wider than ever before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the playfulness between the Kathryn and Shelley with them keeping score of how many men they kiss in a night. I also liked how Lincoln made the decision to make the girls physically polar opposites, thus making them appeal to a wider audience. I could relate to their envious looks at the other friend’s body and features, which meant that I engaged quickly and was able to get lost within the erotic scenes. Through these realistic and believable touches Lincoln has created a seductive and enticing story.

The only thing I would say is that some of the descriptions were a little clunky and I wasn’t keen on phrases like ‘wet garden’. However, these only became more apparent to me after reading A Friendly Rivalry for the second time as it never distracted from the eroticism.

Lincoln’s use of language is simple and certainly sexy, it is far less crude than other erotic stories and this adds to the atmosphere. The descriptions are detailed and arousing, setting the readers pulse racing. This will definitely be a story that I read again.

A Friendly Rivalry is available for download from Amazon UK & US.

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