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After reading The Geek Job by Eve Langlais I’ve realised, perhaps slightly presumptuously, that a number of Authors don’t really grasp the difference between nerds and geeks. And I can’t really blame them. So let me assure that the point of this short post is not to criticise, more hoping to clarify the new terminology which the overbearing pop-culture just threw at us without a word of explanation or a care in the world.

Personally I haven’t really given it much thought until I’ve started mingling with people passionate about the Large Hadron Collider (it’s so awesome!!!), Firefly, World of Warcraft and Star Trek figurines in mint condition. Suddenly I’ve started noticing very fine differences which I further tried to use to help me define what actually makes “a nerd” or “a geek”. These are my feeble attempts to bring order to chaos and be a one-person New Oxford Dictionary and Wikipedia:

A nerd is a person who is devoted solely to his or her discipline to a point where people and human contact (including coitus) are disregarded as irrelevant and heavily frowned upon. Unless, of course, they can be advantageous to their research (e.g. Sheldon from TBBT, Moss from IT Crowd).

A geek, on the other hand, even though equally devoted to his or her field is a far more sociable creature. They are usually Jerry Ryan worshippers, avid role-playing/vid/board gamers, Comic Con goers etc. They can talk about the new developments in swarm theory, the latest 3D releases or the similarities between Israeli Mosad and Romulan Tal Shair often in one sentence (e.g. Lenard from TBBT, Roy from IT Crowd).

Do you agree?