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Wantendesire by Jacob Ancoat is an enticing account of a certain love affair. The story is told through six tales of passion shared between two work colleagues, Him and Her. The glimpses we get to see are beautifully described and filled with mutual attraction, seduction and overwhelming desire. Even though the characters are acquainted, not a single word is uttered, not a single name spoken. This lack of verbal expressionism allows the Reader to focus entirely on the non-verbal interplay between the two characters and the subtleties of their body language. A flick of a wrist, a coyle smile, a sultry gaze, an accidentally revealed top of her stockings… The writing style is lush and perfectly complements the subdued and sensual climate of the story. The reader feels as if he or she was comfortably sprawled on a puffy armchair, listening to cracling fire and Him retelling those unforgettable moments in a hushed voice.

Even though only 13 pages long, this short story immediately grasped my attention and drew me into the beguiling world of half-remembered memories, dim lights and desire. I found myself slowing down my usually fast-paced reading just to enjoy the story longer. Unfortunately all-too-soon the 13 pages were read and I was left with a feeling of certain displacement, like I’ve been daydreaming for a long while and was just coming back from a place far-far-away.

A truly enchanting read. Congratulations Jacob.

The story is available from Kindle US and Kindle UK.