Synopsis: Throw your inhibitions to the side and open your mind to ultimate sexual gratification. Learn how a woman gains the upper hand over her husband’s love of porn; see how friends celebrate their love of football during halftime, be witness to a wet dream, and much more in these six tales of orgasmic bliss. This book contains graphic hardcore descriptions of sex. Not for the timid or prudish.


61oGdrxO1RLContains explicit photos, ménage F/M/F, lesbian and anal sex

Miss Anna Key says: As the title promises the stories are all focused around exploration of one’s carnal desires and fantasies. The stories are written in a very simple and unadorned way and I must admit that I found that simplicity very enticing. There’s no room for lengthy dialogues or emotional discussions. By focusing solely on the sexual interplay between characters and leaving the backstory securely shut outside the bedroom’s door, the Author managed to deliver a visually stimulative and sexually charged portrayal of human’s passion and fantasies rapidly unfolding before the Reader’s eyes.

Even tough the stories are written from a male perspective and focus mainly on pleasuring the man (apart from Room Service) they aim to glorify the female body in all its shapes and sizes. It’s a man’s invitation to step to the wild side and explore your hidden sexuality and make your fantasies come true. A highly stimulative read.

The book is available for purchase from Amazon US and Kindle US.