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Excerpt: I love hearing my own breath too … just as it aroused me there listening to my breath rise into a rhythm, a rhythm like a sea, like the wind, like some beautiful rhythm running through nature, making my head spin with the thought of it, marveling at how my own fingers could arouse my own flesh, and send my head spinning with ecstasy of my own body. naked-on-the-moon1

Lady Pokingham says: As I adored James’ story ‘The Lady Loves to Strip’ I had very high expectations and hopes for ‘Naked on the Moon.’ Although I did not enjoy ‘Naked on the Moon’ as much as his previous novella, Lusarde never fails to disappoint and as a stand-alone piece it is successfully erotic. What I love about Lusarde’s writing is his stunningly beautiful descriptions and the sensuality of his writing. There are no quickies, nameless fucking or bondage in his stories, and the eroticism of ‘Naked on the Moon’ is found mostly in the build-up.

In actual fact there is no sex in Lusarde’s novella, instead the story centres on Jo’s fantasy of going to the first ever space station on the moon and pleasuring herself. Although set in the future there are no aliens or high tech gadgetry to distract the reader from the story of one woman’s desire to fulfil her need and fantasies. Jo is a character that I could fall in love with and read more about; she is determined, intelligent, ambitious and sexually aware, not to mention sexy. I get a sense that Lusarde adores women, building an atmosphere of awe and fascination and a gorgeously written feminine understanding. Lusarde builds a female character that is proud and unapologetic of whom she is, which is something that I adore.

The story is told from Jo’s point of view resulting in the reader being subtly drawn into her world. Lusarde writes in striking and unusual way, using words to weave a tactile and stunning world that the reader longs to experience. The descriptions whisk you away to Jo’s world of beauty, you see the world through her eyes and wonder why you haven’t ever looked at the moon as she does. The way in which the moon and starlight caresses her body adds a sensual eroticism to the story that many authors struggle to create.

Some of the language used to describe Jo pleasuring herself is at odds with the mystical beauty of earlier imagery, making it feel a little clunky. However, this is may have been a conscious decision by Lusarde and by interspersing the galaxy, moon and stars Lusarde continually returns the reader to Jo’s world and feelings.

Overall this is a successful piece of erotica creating a sensual build up to a sexually charged climax. ‘Naked on the Moon’ mirrors the anticipation and exquisite frustration that we feel when masturbating and when our crescendo is drawn out and delayed. If you desire a well written and beautiful story that is sure to build your own frustration, then Lusarde is the ideal author to start with. However, if you want a sex fuelled frenzy then perhaps give this one a miss.

I wonder if we Lusarde will continue writing about Jo as I would delight in reading her further sexual explorations….

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As I knelt naked on the stage before the panoramic window, illuminated only by the hard light of eternity as I masturbated myself to a climax, it felt so right and fitting – female energy meeting female energy. The source of a woman’s pleasure meeting the source of the Universe’s pleasure: the source of all life meeting the source of all life: a woman’s body calling out to the creativity of the Universe.