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Lady Pokingham says: Sadly Dylan Cross has informed me that his Quickies are no longer available as he has decided to add to them further. However, I thought I would still go ahead and publish my review! LP x

Quickies comprises of three short stories: The Joy of Six, Force and Executive Decisions. As a collection this works well and there is a theme running throughout: domination over women. The female characters are treated as sluts for the men to use as they wish. If you enjoy women being at the mercy of men and their sexual desires then this is the perfect collection for you.  Personally I would have liked more description, but Cross has managed to include just enough detail to get your imagination working and I found myself conjuring further scenarios.

The authoritative voice in The Joy of Six immediately tells you what is happening and by addressing the reader directly Cross forces the reader into the story, we become the woman with twelve hands groping are body. Short, sweet and direct, this leaves no room for flouncy storylines instead it is raw, nonstop sex. Cross packs a hell of a lot into one page!

Force like Joy of Six once again gets straight into the action opening with ‘Get the handcuffs on… you won’t need your hands for this’. The fast paced action presented mostly through dialogue allows Cross to create a detailed, erotic scene using very few words.

Executive Decisions is slightly longer than the other two and takes a different approach. Rather than entering straight into the sex scene Executive Decisions is one man speaking to two women who work for him, both of who is he sleeping with. He retells what they get up to and the sex he has had with each of them, in the hopes that he can decide whom to keep and who to fire.