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The idea behind ‘Iniquitous Solace’ is simple yet enticing, two different writers writing about love/relationships from two separate perspectives all through poetry. I was intrigued. Then I read the blurb and I was hooked:

20121231-IniquitousSolace-PromoCover-v4‘Iniquitous Solace’ is the tale of two lovelorn strangers. Chance has placed them in each other’s path, and their encounter is captured through powerful erotic poetry. Through the eyes of our poets, we follow them on an emotional journey through life. As we delve deep into their souls, we share their joys and heartbreaks, their passions and lusts. The poetry is written in the raunchy style you’ve come to love from these writers, and now all they ask is you take the plunge, and indulge in ‘Iniquitous Solace’ – their ‘Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love.’

I will confess I am a very harsh critic when it comes to poetry, as it is a genre I thoroughly love. This is partly what drew me to ‘Iniquitous Solace‘, as I wanted to see what two erotic authors could do with such a powerful genre. Rather than critiquing the poetic form or how well written I feel it is, I have made the conscious decision to focus on the content and whether or not it does what the blurb says.

I must admit at first I was a little confused especially as I was expecting some raunchy poetry but instead was faced with sedate longing mixed with a bit of stalking. Needless to say it took me a while to get into the poetry, especially the rhyming that at times felt a bit forced. At times the poems and train of thoughts were slightly disjointed which left me slightly mystified. However, and this is a big however, without me even realising I became attached to these two strangers, especially the heartbreak that they felt. At times I was confused but I found that as I carried on reading this melted away and no longer mattered. I became lost within the words and seduced by their relationship. I liked that we got to meet them before they met and then trace their relationship, this added depth to the story.

Interestingly, I don’t think that this would have worked as well as prose, as the emotion conveyed would probably become repetitive and perhaps even annoying. In poetry, however, it is given life and a voice, becoming realistic, raw and believable.

There is an honesty that is both inviting and repelling, making the reader feel slightly uncomfortable with the voyeurism. The truth of this woman’s abusive childhood and her current sexual fetishes is slightly unnerving, but once again this adds to the power of poetry.

There is a very subtly sexual undercurrent to the poems, but as a whole there are only about 20 pages out of 70 that I would consider to contain erotic poetry. Overall I enjoyed reading this, as it was enthralling to see the relationship from two different perspectives. Please be aware that it does contain sexual references and a theme of dominance/submission. My one critique is that I would not classify it as raunchy erotica; this does not mean that I felt this lacking in the poetry. I enjoyed it for what it is and the effect it had on me, and it did have erotic elements, but it was not as downright dirty as I had expected from the blurb. Ultimately, this is a beautiful and romantic book of poetry that creates a unique, sensual and fascinating read.

Compelling… Yes

Emotional …. Yes

Joys and Heartbreaks … Yes

Raunchy and erotic … Maybe

Iniquitous Solace is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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