Pippa-Jay-Terms-And-Conditions-ApplyIn this short and sweet story Pippa Jay presents us a young and naïve girl, Marie. She has just been abandoned by her boyfriend aboard a pleasure station, where they were planning to consummate their engagement in a pleasure-filled day. Her misery alerts the station’s sentient being Ganesha and she sends one of her avatars to comfort her. Marie however, regardless of her initial attraction to Soren, refuses. And thus starts a slow yet deliberate seduction. Knowing her inexperience and mistrust due to recent events,  Soren takes his time in taming Marie’s untrained body and overcoming her psychological trauma. He’s using all the coercion, seduction and gentleness to convince her to trust him with her body and allow passion to heal her broken heart. And even though Marie is portrayed as a naïve virgin, her curiosity and enthusiasm is exploring Soren’s body balances the erotic tone of the story. It’s a two-way seduction, a partnership in giving and receiving pleasure. The author take her time and the 36 pages are filled with unhurried exploration of each other’s bodies, a slow build-up of the erotic tension which is consummated in a truly beautiful act of sexual and emotional completion, a true union of body and soul.

I must admit that when I first read the story, the ending felt a bit too convenient and superfluous. As you might have guessed so far, I’m not a particular fan of easy solutions. It wasn’t until I have read the story the second time when I have realised that, actually, the ending is not the crucial part of the story and I have fussed over it needlessly. It’s almost an added Epilogue, a cherry on top of a big (chocolate) cake with a big “Happily Ever After” written all over it. In Pippa’s story it’s the slow seduction, the mutual exploration, the tasting and the feasting, the joy and satisfaction of a beautiful act, which are the at the heart of this story. And in descriptions of those the Authors has, undoubtedly, excelled.