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Savannah detested being called “baby” by anyone, especially Jax. As twistedly turned on as she was, as amazing as his giant prick felt inside of her, she’d had enough of his nasty little games. He may have opened this show but she was going to be the closing act. She went feral. She reached her arms around him and tore at his shirt, ripping it in two and exposing his back. She wasted no time in raking her nails down his bare skin. He growled and arched his back in pain, momentarily breaking his rhythm. Savannah took that split second to dig her fingers into his shoulder blades and use her standing leg to leap onto him, clamping her thighs around his hips.

HoundDogCoverWhat I have enjoyed about Hound Dog (Volume Four of the Savannah Rossi Chronicles) is that although I have not read volume two or three it does not matter. Each story is beautifully self-contained, yet also works perfectly in a series. Hound Dog is short, sexy and provocative. Rafferty has managed to tell an engaging story with well written sex scenes in a very short space!

Hound Dog is the story of when Savannah (a budding singer/songwriter) is given the opportunity of a lifetime, to work with an infamous producer. My first thought was, oh no not another ‘seduced by a man in power’ story, but Deliza always likes to avoid the predictable. Instead she is shocked to find a third person helping out, the first man she ever loved and who shattered her heart. I loved the power play between Jax, the ex, and Savannah, both trying to get the upper hand in a subtle game of look how good I look.

I adored the explosive relationship between Jax and Savannah, with their hatred and passion erupting into a fiery, volatile sex scene. Do not think that the story will be two broken hearts finding one another and then making beautiful tender love. Oh no! These two want revenge. They are both strong willed, passionate and angry  – a heady mix for any sexual encounter.

Deliza Rafferty is not afraid to be honest and true to her characters and it is this that makes Hound Dog such an entertaining read. Savannah is believable and oozes sex appeal, strength and vulnerability. Rafferty’s Savannah Chronicles are character driven with some hot sex thrown in there for good measure.

This may be a slow burner with the build up to the sex being slow but it is certainly not slow as a read! With its fast paced dialogue and the reader waiting for the fire to ignite, the storyline and back-story of these characters is thoroughly captivating. Waiting a while to include the sex is a risk with any erotica as most people read for the sex, however, Deliza successfully builds tension and a strong story to engage her readers. As with Volume One I found myself caring for Savannah, feeling her heartbreak, joy and sadness. I got lost in the story and the ending was moving, sending chills through my body and leaving me aching for the next instalment. I could relate, as most readers could, to Savannah’s experiences and this is through the skill of the writer. I love an author who is willing to take a risk and delve into the melancholic reality of relationships, however messed up they are.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Hound Dog and cannot wait to read all of the Savannah Chronicles. If you love some revengeful, angry, at times violent sex, all fuelled by a strong story line and under 40 pages long… this is the perfect story for you!

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