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The first instalment in the Warlock Mating series, Bonded in Blood tells a story of a young witch, Cyrah, who abandons her family to lead a normal life, away from her family and her heritage. Soon after she starts having vivid, reoccurring dreams featuring her and two strangers. Mundane and innocent at first, they soon turn into carnal and erotic visualisation of her deepest sexual fantasies, ménage à trois. One day she recognises the CEO of an international advertising company, Maddock Enterprises, as one of the strangers she’s been dreaming about for the past five years. When her visions turn violent and show both men dying, their bodies smeared in blood, she decides to take action and warn them about the impending doom. But when she gets her chance to speak with Roman Maddock, she stumbles upon a very private and very intimate rendezvous between Roman and his bodyguard. She recognises Sam as the other stranger in her visions. The sexual interplay unfolding in front of her eyes throws Cyrah into a sexual frenzy:

Cyrah knew that she should leave. The lovers obviously wanted some privacy. She tried to stand and walk down the hall, but she couldn’t make her feet move. Her message for them was too important. Besides, she had never seen two men kiss before, and it fascinated her. As she watched, pressure built deep inside her core, and her panties became damp. The urge to participate was overwhelming. What was wrong with her? Never before had she felt such strong desire. A primal longing pulsed through her, making her want to weep with frustration. […] What was it about these men that affected her? They were physically appealing, yes, but she had seen attractive men before. None of them caused such an intense reaction. Was it possible to die of unsatisfied lust?”

bondedblood-fullMaddock is running out time. As a head of the Maddock coven he has to appear strong and indestructible to maintain power and order in the ranks, but his condition is deteriorating quickly. At 34, he need to bond with his fated female to stop deterioration of his magic and prevent his own death. He is torn between his obligation to the coven and his devotion to Sam. However, regardless of how strong his feelings are, a union with a male warlock cannot provide the same balance and save him from painful death. So when he meets Cyrah he known immediately that she is his destined mate. But he is not the only one affected by the young witch. His faithful bodyguard has his eyes on her as well and Cyrah is not planning to deny any of them…



The book explores a powerful triangle where all participants are equally involved. It is my first ménage novella where possible combinations are explored (M/M, F/M and M/F/M). I suppose the weakest point of the story, quite ironically, is Cyrah herself. I was dubious as to how she convinced the two powerful warlocks to the truth about her visions and even though she was in the deep throws of mating heat, somehow it felt a bit cold in comparison with the depth of feelings the two men shared. It felt slightly less out of place on reading the book the second time over, though the discord was still there. The powerful feelings shared between the two men, were truly fascinating to observe, deeply moving and far surpassed their attraction to Cyrah. I felt as if the Author felt more comfortable describing the interactions between Roman and Sam. Perhaps that depth comes from the amount of time they spent nurturing those feelings, Roman saving Sam from hardship and a certain death and Sam being the constant calming presence to Roman’s role as the Head of the Maddock Coven. It might be that in time their feelings for Cyrah will turn as powerful and as engaging if the time will be allowed to let it grown and mature.

Ultimately, the book is a very enjoyable read, with a number of powerful sexual interplay ranging from lengthy seductions to quickies in broom cupboards, keeping the pace brisk and the temperature scorchingly hot. I truly enjoyed Author’s sensual descriptions and her attention to detail which turn into an enjoyable read both times around.

Bonded in Blood has been nominated as the best fantasy/paranormal romance in 2012. Congratulations Suzanne!

You can purchase the book as a paperback or an e-book from Amazon Kindle UK/Kindle US, Kobo and Barnes and Nobles.