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Leo was pulsating with energy, his insides nothing but molten lava as the beautiful French gift acquainted herself with his cock through the thin material of his underwear. As she handled him, and then gently nudged her nose against his hardness, and was actually kissing his cock very slowly through the fabric, Leo found himself increasingly concerned that they wouldn’t be able to control themselves – that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. 

On starting to read Anarchy of the Heart I had no idea what to expect and I was definitely surprised by what I got. Sebastian has created an erotic, honest, sexually charged story that leaves you begging for more.  Set in Nice in the South of France this story immediately appealed to me purely because I used to regularly holiday there. I loved the descriptions of Old Nice and the Riviera, they were not too detailed as to overshadow the story, yet subtle and sexy enough for readers to visualise, whether or not they have actually been there.

Anarchy of the Heart revolves around Caitlyn and her fiancé Leo whom are an American couple taking a much-needed holiday in Nice. I love the honesty and dynamic of their relationship. Sebastian successfully builds a believable and intimate relationship between these two characters making the sexual journey they embark on plausible and therefore powerful.

The sex scenes are expertly written and the anticipation to the big climax is torturous. Caitlyn and Leo are considering experimenting with another couple, with Sebastian presenting the fear and excitement that these feelings ignite in a thoughtful yet erotic way. I thoroughly enjoyed the path that these two characters began down and I cannot wait to read the second instalment to see how this affects their relationship as well as continue to read the hot steamy sex scenes! I am truly a fan of Anarchy of the Heart, with all its beauty, realism and erotic delight.

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