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“One swift movement and his mouth covered hers.  Hot, firm and somehow restrained.  The effort of his restraint belted into her.  He fought to control himself.  Heat slammed through her.  A roaring filled her ears and her breath hitched.  Her heart slowed, and time stopped.  For just a brief moment, his heartbeat echoed throughout her body to a spot below her stomach.

He growled low and his mouth moved over hers, no longer silencing her, but tasting.  Exploring.  One thick arm swept around her waist and pulled her into him; the other lifted to tangle a hand in her hair.  He tugged, angled her head more to the side.  He went deeper.

She moaned in her throat as his tongue met hers.  He explored her mouth like he owned it.  For a moment, he did.  She forgot everything.  There were only his lips on hers, demanding. Promising.  His heat warmed her as she returned his kiss, pushing closer into his hard body, forgetting reality.”


Rebecca Zanetti in her series The Dark Protectors introduces us to the vibrant world of the Realm. If you have enjoyed Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark, I’m sure you’ll find the multidimensional world and its characters fascinating: Sanguisuga and Kurjans (two vampire species and mortal enemies), shifters (cat/wolf/multi-shifters), demons, witches and faeries. Over 300 years ago the Prophets forced the ruling family, Kyars brothers, to take human female with enhanced abilities as their mates. Those abilities ranged from emphatic, telekinesis, foretelling the future to demon slaying). By procreating with them a new generation of warriors was to be created to aid the Sanguisuges and their allies in the upcoming battles. Talen Kayar forces his brother and King, Dage to call a truce to a battle between them and Kurjans beginning centuries of uneasy peace in the Realm. The birth of Janie, a human girl with a gift of sight and foretelling, ends the 300 years of an uneasy truce. Talen claims Cara, Janie’s mother with enhanced empathic abilities, as his mate and thus starts Fated, Book 1 in the Dark Protectors series.

An ancient conflict, a myriad of vivid characters and a fast-paced action interlaced with scenes of smoking-hot sex and erotic suspense – these are the elements of the book which grasp Reader’s attention immediately. The connection between Cara and Talen is undeniable even though to her very last breath Cara is denying it (like any woman worth her name would do). After all, you were a distinguished scientist, a single mother, your life was ordered and you were in charge of it. Suddenly a hot-as-sin vampire warrior/prince and alpha male appears out of nowhere and starts to order her around, kidnaps you and your daughter in the middle of the night (not to mention that your daughter seems to know him and immediately accept him as her new daddy) claiming you are his long propheted mate. Comm’on! Can you check is scientifically? Prove it in anyway? No. THis scientific distrust is endearing and irritating as hell all in the same time. I have also enjoyed the idea of sharing ones abilities and strength: as Cara becomes closer and closer linked to Talen, his mental powers fuel her own empathic abilities, strengthening and balancing them. They both grow stronger and Cara can stand up to Talen. We also learn, that Talen’s brother and king, Dage has been dreaming about Cara’s sister, Emma, an esteemed geneticist and a one hard lady to find once she goes on a run. He suspects she is his fated mate but their story will be told in Book 2, Claimed.

The language is funny, brisk, and oh yes, the main heroine has a sarcastic sense of humour: “She kissed him like the truth to the universe existed on his tonsils”. Talen is a bit more stoic character however ,next to Cara and little Janie, he cracks up a bit. In the next instalments the plot becomes more convoluted, the worst case scenarios are unravelling before Reader’s eyes, and we get to meet new intriguing characters. The passion runs hot, the emotions are overwhelming and…. the science is absolutely fabulous! I love the attention with which the Author explains aspects of genetic manipulations, viral mutations and quantum physics as the foundation of magic. It was actually the first time that magic has been explained in quantum terms – it just blew me away. Well done! I suppose the bottom line is that Fated was just a very enjoyable read and I’m sure you are going to love this steamy, well-written and fabulously engaging series. I highly recommend it!

All books are available in print and as e-books from Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, Kobo and other bookshops. The next novella in the series (Book 5.5) is due to come out in June 2013 and Book 6 – in Fall 2013. Can’t hardly wait! 🙂