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Tera’s fingers moved between her legs, and this time her back was to me, so that her buttocks were spread wide above her fingers. They slid easily back and forth while she worked on the man’s rod, lips circling him tightly before pulling back to tease him with her teeth. My eyes widened as I saw her move her arm around, reaching over her back end, her glistening middle finger easing into her asshole, her hips pushing down as her mouth continued to work on her guest.

She said the woman was as cruel as a man, but was beautiful in her cruelty, unbelievable in her cruelty. She said she was addicted, that I had to help get her back.

400000000000000756394_s3The story centres around Samantha, a young woman freshly graduated from UCLA who after her mother’s sudden death finds herself turning to her mother’s childhood socialite friends for help. Noire doesn’t dwell on the death of Samantha’s mother, instead it is simply a catalyst to start the story and Samantha’s need to enter into the world her mother left as a young woman. Sam moves into the house of the surgically enhanced, bossy, perfectionist, Mrs Carlisle, to work as her personal assistant. She quickly realises that her role is more as a servant than she knew. The ever allusive Mr Carlisle becomes a consuming interest to Sam, who wants to find more about him. When she witnesses the sex life between the married couple she sets about putting her own plan in motion.

Noire’s narrative pulls the reader into the role of voyeur. The sex scenes are well written and graphically described. Noire works hard to vary her descriptions thus creating a vivid erotic image for the reader. One aspect of the story I found difficult to engage with was the change that overcomes Sam. She moves from a relatively innocent woman to a dominant sexually aggressive woman who stops at nothing to get what she wants. Noire suggests that it is because of the way that Mrs. Carlisle treats Sam and the voyeurism that makes her want to get revenge. Ultimately all that are involved enjoy aspects of the new arrangement. Another potential reason for this change of character is that by watching Mr and Mrs Carlisle’s sexual exploits it reignites a part of herself that she lost when her mother died. I shall let the readers decide what they think!

Personally, this was not a story that I would usually read. However, I did enjoy aspects of it and I found the power play between Sam and Mrs Carlisle interesting, especially with their changing roles. I think what I found difficult to connect with was that when Sam changed her persona turning into a powerful seductress, which I liked, she describes herself as a woman with a man’s tastes and heart. Why can’t a woman be equal to a man in her sexual tastes and dominance and still be a described as a woman?

This novella is certainly full of a variety of sexual encounters that keep the reader interested and the atmosphere erotically charged. It contains graphic sex scenes, dominance/submission and violence. I enjoyed this story more than I thought I would and it would certainly suit anyone how enjoys depictions of male/female, female/female and male/female/female sexual encounters of the rough kind.

Taken by Mira Noire is available from Amazon UK and USA. If you would like to find out more about the author and her other works visit her website.