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Contains F/F, F/M/F, bondage and graphic language.

Kristen is a 70-year-old vampire, all that time seeking out her maker who after turning her without asking for permission, disappeared into thin air without a word of explanation. She loves him deeply yet she cannot forgive his abandonment when she needed him most, facing new life and new reality. For the past 50 odd years she travels Red Rooms, a place where humans and vampires can indulge in realising their most intimate sexual fantasies without any judgement.

We meet Kristen when she is preparing for another night in a Red Room. She mesmerises a young woman, a shopping mall assistant to accompany her in a night of sexual abandonment and release. Before the evening really begins, Kristen releases the human girl from the spell unsatisfied with receiving only meek obedience. She wants her full commitment and involvement in the night’s entertainment. To her surprise Alicia is fascinated by Kristen’s  vampire identity and is more than eager to submit and participate in her sexual fantasies. She embraces her new sexuality hoping that the reluctant Kristen will eventually turn her into a vampire, a creature which she holds most dear. And Kristen feels lonely after all those years spent searching for a ghost, always two steps behind. However Alicia holds more secrets than Kristen suspects…


I must say this was my first lesbian paranormal romance I have ever read and I loved it. The narrative is held in first person, hence we get to know Kristen quite well. Reading V Club feels like overhearing a conversation in a bathroom, being privy to woman’s inner monologue, listening to her account of the story, her feelings and most intimate thoughts. Based on that, I fell in love with Kristen’s inner strength, how she embraced her new lifestyle and even after being brutally abandoned by her maker, she perseveres. Yet, almost against herself, she keeps looking for him, a slave to the unbreakable tie between the maker and his creation. Is it love or dumb devotion? It is difficult to say. Her honesty and down-to-earth approach is endearing: “That is what I am, and I like it regardless of how much I suffered, regardless of my broken heart. I will make the most of it.” She very quickly develops a strong attachment to Alicia, even calling it love at some point. As much as I like Kristen as a character, my attitude towards Alicia was wavering. She is a bit conceited, at times almost blackmailing Kristen to turn her into a vampire. The good-old: ” I will leave if you won’t do it.” card. But I suppose, we woman can be like that sometimes.

The ending to the story is inconclusive, from the “let us focus on the now and not think about tomorrow” type. It feels like Erotica’s answer to the good-old ‘happily ever after’ just without the overwhelming sweetness and a ‘feel-good’ afterglow. The Reader is left reflecting on the whole story, on what led the characters to this point and where could it lead from there. I was dismayed but then realised that perhaps it is better not to know and just embrace the passion shared between these extraordinary characters. There will be enough time for that.

The story can be purchased from Amazon Kindle US and Smashwords. Visit Lexi Dubois‘s website for her most recent work.