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What surprised me was that the tone of this short is so different from the previous pieces I have read by Dylan Cross. Instead of the reader being transported into the position of sub by an authoritative and dominating narrator, Victoria’s Other Secret describes what is happening and puts you into the position of voyeur.

Victoria’s Other Secret is a quick read at only four pages long, but Cross has certainly managed to pack in a lot. The storyline is simple with two women being blackmailed into a sexual situation to stop a security guard reporting them for theft. I loved the little twist at the end, which came out of nowhere and was a fun surprise. The male-female and female-female power dynamics are certainly interesting and I found myself easily drawn into the story.

This story is certainly not sweetness and light when it comes to the erotica, instead it is based on sexual aggression to gain power and dominance. Although this is not something that I would usually read, I found it entertaining and erotic. I think it is actually a shame that it is so short and some of the sexual acts were not described and instead just alluded to. However, I can understand why Cross made that decision, after all sometimes less is more.

This isn’t the most absorbing piece of erotica I have ever read, however, at only four pages I wouldn’t expect it to be.

Victoria’s Other Secret is available from Amazon UK and USA.