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61XnVnqUDmL._SL1000_Thrusting, ultra-bosomy, sexual adventurer Stephanie Harley-Blackthorne returns in a deeply sinister, dangerously erotic tale about her encounter with a malignant bondage sect, led by the beautiful, deliciously curvy Japanese Bondage expert Katsumi Miyagi. ‘The Shaft Of The Devil’ is a spitefully erotic, darkly humorous and highly perverse journey through one woman’s encounter with the horniest stud of them all.

N.B: I have endeavored to ensure that there are no spoilers in this review, however please be aware that this has limited what I have been able to say.

I have to admit I was sceptical when I first began reading this especially as I was unsure whether or not it was a parody. So I went onto Amazon and double-checked and to my relief it was a parody and a very good one at that! If you have found yourself reading a piece of erotica and you groan not out of pleasure but out of annoyance at the big breasted woman who begins to orgasm at the sight of a ridiculously over-sized ‘cock’ or have rolled your eyes at the descriptions of throbbing, sopping pussies and quivering members, then The Shaft of the Devil will certainly be a light relief.

This is the second erotica novella by Evangelista St James, with the first in the series being The Shaft of the Ruffian. I have not read this and I did not know that Shaft of the Devil was the second as this was certainly not being apparent in the way it read. For me this is a good thing as it shows that St James is able to continue characters through a series of novellas without alienating those readers who are dipping into her work.

It is an understatement that I enjoyed The Shaft of the Devil, Evangelista St James has created a laugh out loud, well written, saucy novella. She has successfully taken every stereotype from the under-appreciated genre of erotica, exaggerated and embellished it, then woven it all together to create a hilarious yet erotic piece of writing.

At first I wasn’t sure there was much of a storyline and I was worried that St James had simply shoved everything together. But thankfully I was proven wrong and the storyline that emerged was engaging and sexually explicit. There is BDSM, orgies, masturbation, voyeurism and much more all with a touch of humour. I loved the brazen Stephanie and the different sexual situations that she found herself including the need to use a large vibrator powered by a car battery on a bus (obviously no one noticed!) It is this tongue-in-cheek style that St James has made her own.

I was expecting The Shaft of the Devil to be a simple parody mocking the erotic genre with very little substance and even less eroticism. How very wrong was I?! St James proved that she has the talent to combine these two seemingly polar elements, true comedy and eroticism, to create a readable, amusing and in some cases thought-provoking novella. Reflecting on The Shaft of the Devil it is interesting to consider the stereotypes that are so prevalent in this genre and how they have been magnified by St. James to perhaps highlight the way the different genders are portrayed, or maybe simply for comic effect. This is not the place to contemplate such things, but it is certainly something to think on.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed The Shaft of the Devil. As the first ever piece of erotic parody that I have read I was pleasantly surprised and enthralled by the content and delivery of such a unique idea. I knew I had loved this novella when I realised that I kept recommending it and had described the whole book in detail to Miss Anna Key over tea and scones (in which time my tea went cold!)

The Shaft of the Devil by Evangelista St. James is available on Kindle from Amazon UK and USA.