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lighting-her-fire-book-1-handyman-series-trixie-savreux-paperback-cover-artSynopsis: When Jason is forced through circumstances to start his own handyman service business, he has no idea what lies in store for him. Excerpt: “Time to let him taste my juices,” she said as she moved down the steps until her pussy was at the same height as Jason’s cock. She pulled him slightly forward by the base until the tip touched her outer lips. Using her fingers she spread her pussy lips, revealing its moist pink secrets. For Jason the sight of this blond nymph bracketed naked between his body and the ladder, and playing simultaneously with her pussy and his cock was almost too much to bear. He longed to surge forward strongly and impale her, but managed to hold back and watch the scene unfold. Dipping her fingers into the hot moisture of her pussy, Sandra coated the tip of his cock with her juices. Jolts of pleasure shot through Jason as she massaged the rim of the mushroom shaped head, raising gooseflesh across his arms and legs and causing his nipples to harden.

NWW Review: Lighting her Fire is a fun short read. Jason decides to start his own handyman business and as expected gives some clients more than expected. However, what I enjoyed was that Savreux threw in some curve balls to keep the reader interested rather than sticking to the stereotupe. She has added a lot of realistic detail to her writing to ensure authenticity, such as measuring, how Jason does certain jobs etc. I felt like at times I actually learnt how to do some DIY. That is not to say that there are boring sections, instead I found the realism broke up the sex scenes nicely and made the short far more readable.

The sexual descriptions sometimes felt like they were written by two different people, at times they were sensual whilst others they were quite crude. When Savreux was describing the same sex scene and the imagery differed like this it made it quite disjointed and harder to get lost in. However, if it was different scenes depicted it would have been more believable.

I enjoyed the dilemma at the end of the story and am intrigued to see what Jason decides. For me it is these little nuggets of characterisation that make Lighting her Fire so readable, and at only 32 pages it is certainly a quickie. I do think it is worth mentioning that this is Savreux’s first piece of writing and other than the occasional typo, it is very good. Even though there were little aspects of the story and writing style that I did not love, I did find Lighting her Fire a fun and enjoyable read. I will certainly be reading the second instalment: Good Choices, Bad Choices.

Lighting her Fire is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.