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Synopsis: Co-workers Miranda Harder and Dan Blake have two things in common: a penchant for telling dirty stories, and a fierce mutual attraction. Unwilling to risk ruining their friendship, they put a lid on their simmering desire. But that lid is about to be blown sky-high.

On the eve of her sister’s birthday party, Miranda knows her sister will be getting some action from her dream man. After all, Miranda did orchestrate them meeting in person. Jealous, Miranda thinks it’s high time she get some herself, and who better to satisfy her needs than her hot friend, Dan? But she doesn’t like it vanilla, and worries that Dan may be all talk and no action.

Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe Dan’s feelings when he and Miranda finally agree to act on their attraction. He knows she struggles to maintain control of situations, largely due to her unpredictable family who create havoc in her life. He is willing to let her take control in the bedroom, but knows he has to make her see that surrendering to him is what she really needs.

Throw in her interfering family, a surprise visit from her brother and his pet primate, Miranda’s wish to make an ordinary vegetable sexy, and it makes for an evening neither one will soon forget. These lovers discover that love is even better for your heart than celery. (synopsis provided by the Author)

16097782-1NWW Review: There is no easing into Celery, Sex and Other good things for the Heart, instead Kamryn delves straight into the erotic musings of Miranda while Dan is driving her around in his convertible. Some authors build up the story and characters first and then just when you are about to give up waiting for some sex they throw a bit in, thankfully this is not the case with Celery…  Kamryn has skilfully managed weave a witty, sexually charged piece of erotica all while making me care about the characters. She provides just the right amount of information and back-story to make them believable and likable all whilst build fabulous sexual tension. I loved that these two characters are social workers rather than millionaire playboys, who care about their work and sexual tension grew out of friendship.

Right when you think they will finally get it on life humorously interrupts. I appreciated these realistic and funny moments that made the story far more enjoyable and endearing. Somehow it reminded me of something that would happen in an episode of Friends between Ross and Rachel, just far more explicit and I loved that.

Throughout the book I kept thinking ‘finally a woman who takes change of her own body and her own orgasm without being portrayed as masculine or a bitch’. She breaks the stereotype and instead the man has to prove himself worthy to be in both her bed and her life. This aspect of the story just made it so much better for me and it is shown through one of my favourite descriptions:

Not one of them [the men she dated] had liked her taking charge, or been comfortable with her suggestions. In recent months she’d promised herself to wait for a man who would truly embrace her sexual side.

At last a woman who would not compromise her sexual self for a man, who respected her desires and knew her own self worth!!

Kamryn creates beautiful descriptions, for example ‘pulses skittering’ and ‘both gleamed in the waning evening sunlight,’ which add an extra dimension to her writing. The sex is well written and varied with a build up that will drive the reader crazy! I had never thought celery could be sexy until I read this book and now I am convinced any vegetable can be used in the bedroom.

Often ‘happy endings’ are shoved in at the end as an afterthought where they feel forced and disappointing. Instead I was rooting for Dan and Miranda as their relationship would be an equal partnership based on mutual respect and not on the dominance, humiliation or inequality of one gender over another.

I have long asked the question of whether or not there is room for contraception, interruptions and weird noises in erotica and Kamryn has proven that there is! As a reader I was elated when the man asked about protection and she responded that she was on both the pill and diaphragm. Usually this is skipped over to make the writing more fantastical and erotic, but personally I appreciated a character that added a touch of realism and showed that she respected her body. Yes, you could argue that this still wouldn’t protect against STDs but this is a start and one that I have been waiting for since discovering the varied and sensual world erotica.

To say I thoroughly enjoyed Celery, Sex … is an understatement. I loved these two characters and the honesty of their relationship. Kamryn sprinkled in just the right amount of realism and humour to keep it sexy and light and created enough sexual tension to set off an atomic bomb. I read this in one go and then re-read it just for fun and I cannot praise this enough. My only gripe would be that there didn’t have to be quite so much coitus interruptus and at times it would have been ok for them to simply finish the job.

I usually start my reviews with a quote from the book however this time I began with a synopsis purely because I could not choose what to include! Going back over Celery, Sex … I had highlighted far too many passages to quote and could not decide. That is how much I liked this book.