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I know what you might think. What is Harry Potter doing on an erotic-focused blog? And I would agree with you…up until approximately 2 months ago when a dear Friend of mine showed me some of the fan fiction following the series’ finale. But I am getting ahead of myself.

In the early 2000s the world went wild for Harry Potter and the unviese created by J.K Rowling. Suddenly every child wanted to go to Hogwarts, your local opticians were selling oval shaped glasses for children, commuters at King’s Cross station were going bananas from all the tourist crowd taking pictures outside platform 9 3/4 (see picture), and the prices of white owls went rocket high. harry-potter-trolleyPersonally, I just enjoyed the storytelling. And as much as Books 1-4 had this kiddy feel to them, from Book 5 onwards they progressed into a more serious, darker universe. Books 6 and 7 were finished before I could utter “Evanesco” and I was left with, well, nothing. But I didn’t complain then, satisfied with the Epilogue that the Author wrote. That was until, a dear Friend of mine felt obliged to sort of repay me for taking care of her during  a horrible strike of flu (note to all Samaritans out there: if you already have a cold apparently you are impervious to further damage). She dropped two phrases which immediately grasped my attention: “Harry Potter continues” and “adult only”. Now that was a familiar territory. Without further ado I made myself a cup of tea, went to the suggested website and… I was gone for the next week.

The story I have started with was a fabulous short story entitled At a Drop of a Kilt which featured a rather steamy tete-a-tete between Charlie Weasley (men chasing dragons for a living are hot!) and Patty Parvati . Interested? Another journal worth checking out contains fan fiction focusing on liaisons between Hermione and various partners (including my favourite, Victor Krum…yumm!) : Part 1 and Part 2.

All of the stories I have come across so far are stand alone, so even if your memory is as flaky as mine and you can’t remember half of the characters, you are still in for a treat. In terms of the timeline, some of the stories give a nice glimpse into what happened after the Great Battle of Hogwarts in Book 7 but some of them are just filling the gaps in the main storyline. And I must congratulate Rozarka for a fabulous way she describes the whole “losing the big V” thing (“virginity”). I am always very reluctant to read stories featuring virgins as on most occasions they turn into a mindless gasping pile of mush on a first stroke from the more experienced man (or woman). Here there is no such problem. The characters are self-assured, work fabulously together and Charlie is even more adorable than ever.

And lastly, I was proven wrong regarding the quality of fan fiction. The above stories are fun, well-written and with a fabulous warming-up effect. A perfect remedy for cold winter evenings.

So let me just wish you Happy Christmas and Happy Reading! 🙂