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Synopsis: Jack Donovan and Bree Hendricks have been in hot competition since their school days, whether it’s tussling over the best apartment or bickering over local leash laws. Bree has never turned down a challenge, so when her new toy in its brown paper packaging is delivered to Jack’s doorstep by mistake, it’s the perfect opportunity for a game of truth or dare.

Bree is determined to set a good example for her teenage daughter, and that means no flirting, no flings and definitely no one night stands. But a bout of saucy cybersex demonstrating her new dildo…there’s no danger in that. Unless Bree allows her heart to become involved.

Return to SenderNWW REVIEW: A very enjoyable, sweet story of old grudges, second chances and flaring passions. The portrayal of characters is well executed, and most importantly – believable. We have Bree who at 32 and a ‘stigma’ of a high school drop-out and a teenage mother, feels like she hasn’t properly lived. She feels that she still has plenty to prove to herself and others even though she is a successful proprietor of a local coffee shop.

But the life of a single mother can be a lonely one and so she descents on a road of voyeurism and online sex talk with her high school nemesis – Jack Donovan. I like Jack a lot. Not because of his good looks (I mean, really which romantic hero has not been a looker?). He represents this guy who finds himself at 30+ wanting to settle down with the woman who always held his interest. Bree. You could argue that as a guy who never had problem getting laid, let alone pass on a good shag, would never just ‘settle’ for a scenario filled with a wife, home, and a bunch of kids. The Author, however, somehow manages to pull it off, and Jack’s character feel genuine in his pursuit of Bree and what she promises.

Is the story predictable – yes. But when you have two characters in a book, especially old sweethearts, it is rather expected for them to end up together. Could the story be a bit more complex, with more twists and turns, more time for second guessing and stalling? Again, the answer is yes. But if you are looking for a short and sweet story with a happy ending – the book delivers what it promises. On little over 100 pages it manages to be funny, saucy, erotic, emotional with a big fat happy ending. We are there when the characters finally realise that they probably always should have ended up together and that they have wasted 14 years of their lives struggling to admit their affection for each other. I like it that even though romantic, the story is not over-dramatised. Bree and Jack feel so good together that it was a pleasure to read their story.