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Synopsis: When young Kate receives an anonymous text message she doesn’t realise how much her world is about to change. Surrendering to her inner most desires Kate soon finds herself submitting to the erotic, sensual and sensitive demands of her mysterious Master. Drawn into a world of erotic love Kate quickly realises all that matters in her world is Her Master’s Voice.

NWW Review: I have read the story twice just to make sure that I have not missed anything. It was quite intense and the Author made a good use of those 90+ pages. The story begins with a very intense scene of submission between a 23-year-old Kate and her Master. I must admit that when I read the story for the first time I was quite shocked. I just could not comprehend how Kate could allow herself to be so trusting, and entirely dominated by a virtual stranger. This opening scene immediately grabs the Readers attention. The shock slowly wears off leaving in its stead curiosity as to how this arrangement will progress and what lies ahead. The pace of the story is well balanced, with quick turns of events on one side, yet in the same time allowing plenty of time to indulge in slow seduction, lazy caress and sweet words of passion.

I must admit that I had my hesitations before reading “Her Master’s Voice” predominantly due to my inexperience in reviewing Dom-sub type of writings. What I found, however, was a well constructed story which slowly explained the dynamics of a Dom-sub relationship both between a man and a woman, and between two women.

vivian-sparx-her-masters-voice“The balance between a Master and his sub was such a delicate, fragile thing. The entire relationship relied on the submissive’s trust that her Master would always put her care and well being first. And it relied on the Master’s trust that the submissive would always be obedient and have faith in the tasks an challenges set.”

As much as the aim of the first scene is to shock and grasp the Reader’s interest, through the rest of the story the Author slowly exploits that first excitement slowly developing each erotic scene to deliver maximum satisfaction both to characters and the Reader. I was being constantly reminded of the film Secretary where the sexual tension between James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhal slowly builds up coaxing the Reader to step further into the world of sexual domination.

Dillon’s Dom is harsh and demanding, but in the same time he is considerate and just. I particularly enjoyed one fragment of the story when he refers to submissive women:

“Most people don’t understand the motivation of a submissive woman. […] Those who do not understand believe that only the weakest women would allow themselves to be dominated by a man. They see submissiveness as weakness, but I do not. I believe it takes a very strong woman to submit. You need to be confident in yourself, and you need to be strong enough to trust completely and absolutely. Such strength of character doesn’t come from a weak woman…”

Dillon is experienced in love, he understands his own needs and is determined to find a partner who would meet them. It is a fantastic example of person who discovered who they are, learned what they need to reach sexual satisfaction, and are determined to fulfill their desires. If more published Authors would take that into their hearts, perhaps we would have a selection of more mature, erotic books, where characters are not afraid to explore their sexuality, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

My overall experience is very positive. There was just enough detail about Kate and Dillon to make the story believable and engaging. The atmosphere varied from dark and erotic one second, and sweet and romantic the next. Also, the final interview with the two main characters came as a surprise but allowed to better understand the characters and their motivation throughout the book.


The book can be bought on Kindle UK / Kindle US, where you can also find other books by Vivien Sparx. Happy reading!