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Synopsis: Lydia becomes ever closer to her three mates. However, with unrest all around, she is struggling to keep her wolves together for her first full moon, just twenty-four hours away.
A trip back home for Ryan could bring much needed support for them all, but at what cost?
As The Trident close in on Ryan’s pack, the pack itself becomes divided over Lydia’s presence and Lawrence is encouraged to return as the Alpha. But they don’t know his secret, and he’s doubtful of his ability to protect them. Can he fulfil his rightful role, or will his efforts prove fatal?
Meanwhile, among the arid plains of Egypt, in a long-forgotten city, one man is pitting himself against the beast inside him in order to find salvation, only to realise, so much more is at stake than his soul.

NWW Review: Heart of the Wolf is the final part of the story of Lydia and her three wolf mates which began with Releasing the Wolf, which we reviewed last year. It is almost entirely devoted to revealing Lawrence’s tale, the third of the wolf mates. We learn that this withdrawn, enigmatic and harsh wolf has a very soft underbelly. And his tale will make you cry, yearn to cuddle him in your arms and take all that pain away. The narrative is as dynamic and engaging as in the previous two installments. What I praised in my previous review was the range of vivid characters who take the Reader on a exhilarating journey through sexual highs, soul-deep bonding, and ultimate betrayal. I rarely find characters who would be equally passionate, alive and true. A lot of the story is told from the characters’ perspective. There are no unnecessary words being spoken when a message can be conveyed with a gesture, a look or a thought. Perhaps because of that general lack of exuberance and violent outbursts of emotions, the romance is that much more meaningful and memorable. It reverberates through your entire body and soul and is so devastatingly lovely that you yearn to experience even a sliver of it yourself.

Dianna Hardy - Heart Of The WolfEven though the story of Lydia and her three wolf mates finishes, the tale itself continues. The book opens a number of new avenues to develop characters which to this day were waiting in the sidelines. For example, Taylor’s ex-wife, Sarah. She is no dainty little flower as we were let to believe in the Cry of the Wolf. I must admit that I grew a new sense of admiration for her inner strength and non-nonsense attitude. She causes Amil, to questions his convictions and embark on a journey to save his soul. Does he deserve a chance at salvation and second chance with Sarah? It seems that Return of the Wolf (Book 4), which is coming out in October 2014, will be mostly devoted to that couple. Selena is another interesting female character. Even though her actions are extreme and unforgivable, the Reader cannot help but sympathise with her. Her desperation in escaping the cruel fate throws her on a path to self-destruction and betrayal. A desperation which leads to drastic decisions and foolish choices. With her blinding pursuit of love and happiness, she is nothing more but a tool in the hands of the enemy. 

Finally, I must give another star  the beautiful description of the menage relationship. Again, it is so rare that the authors take time and care to show how four people, who are unlikely to enter a menage relationship due to strong possessiveness, suddenly find themselves in this new and unchartered territory trying to make sense out their feelings and the whole situation. Here we can see how the relationship slowly settles and how the new ties are formed. Feelings which challenge the upbringing, the concepts of mating, sexuality and rules of attraction. The book seduces the reader with its passion and truth. There is no room for rehearsed speeches and empty words. Instead we are witnesses to four souls coming finally together in a beautiful and unforgettable ritual under the full moon. It is so much more than falling in love. It is the ultimate merge of mind, body and soul. Becoming one with another person.

Heart of the Wolf and other books in the Eye of the Storm series are unique in the paranormal genre. Dianna Hardy weaves her tale with imagination and skill, reinventing well known themes and using a variety of well-crafted characters to drive the story. It is that multitude of captivating and powerful characters which give her narrative the unique feel. Her books capture the Reader’s heart from page one, and make them come back for more. They are the ultimate guilty pleasure – twisted, dark and irresistible.

You can visit the Author’s website for more information about the upcoming releases. Heart of the Wolf can be purchased from most major e-book retailers: Kindle UK, Kindle US, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.