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Having just finished ‘Kiss of Midnight‘ by Lara Adrian, I read Miss Anna Key’s comparison between Midnight Breed and Black Dagger Brotherhood.  The delightful Miss Anna Key first introduced me to BDB a few years ago and I was an immediate fan (yes I sometimes get mixed up and call it Black Brother Daggerhood, which she never lets me forget!). ‘Dark Lover‘ had me enthralled and I quickly devoured the rest of the series. Admittingly, the BDB series has lost some of its sparkle as the series has progressed, but I still have a loyalty to the characters. J.R. Ward’s portrayal of women has always been an area of unease for me, especially The Chosen, however, that is for a different post.

I have just finished Book 1 ‘Kiss of Midnight‘ in the Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian and the similarities between this book and Ward’s BDB was astounding. I began to read ‘Kiss of Crimson’ but within the first chapter all I could think was that this screamed of ‘Lover Unbound‘. Interestingly, Miss Anna Key noted that she could enjoy the two series independently and that they both had their merits. Furthermore, comments on her post from readers felt that the Midnight Breed series was actually stronger especially in the portrayal of the female characters. Having only read ‘Kiss of Midnight’, it would be unfair for me to comment too strongly on Adrian’s female characters, however, from what I read I cannot see any difference between the series. Personally, I am yet to find a well written piece of paranormal romance that revolves around vampires and features women that I can be proud of.

J.R.Ward’s women are strong in their own ways, but are quickly sidelined and get lost in the background. They have an inner strength and power in their relationship that I would love to see Ward explore further. These women have their own stories to tell and their own lives that they live, and surely that is worthy of exploration and development. The men are central to the story but Ward appears to sometimes forget that the women are central to them. I would love Ward to have more confidence in her female characters and actually write a story that would do them justice. Adrian however is no better. The Breedmates all live in isolation in the compound and appear to simply sit around waiting for their mates to come home, they look after each other and their males, but that seems to be about it. Maybe things will change later in the series but so far I have been just as disappointed in Adrian’s female characters as Ward’s. All I can hope for is that an author will one day believe in the strength of the female character and write.

This post has taken on a life of its own, it was meant to be a simple response to Miss Anna Key’s earlier post, in which I simply stated that for me it does matter which series came first, as originality is important. Also, that personally I prefer Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, perhaps simply because I fell in love with it first, rather than it being better, for me nothing else measures and the Midnight Breed series is simply a copy. However, it has evolved into discussing female characters and as my fingers type my own feelings are changing. Who knows where I will continue to go…