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Synopsis: Ace’s obsession with his stepsister Alice haunts him for years until he commissions a sex doll replica of her to take the edge off his desire. But when he kills a raven in the dead of night, he unwittingly becomes entangled in a power struggle between two supernatural beings. The curse he unleashes not only reanimates his doll but transports them into a fairytale world. When he discovers Alice is being held against her will, he will need to enlist the help of his doll—a creature who can’t speak or hold a complicated thought in its head—to rescue her. WHITE RABBIT TALE is told in three parts from the perspective of Ace, Alice, and the sex doll.

white rabbit taleNWW Review: The synopsis was the first thing that intrigued me when I was sent this story, a sexy doll coming to life? Modeled on his stepsister? Fairy-tale land? It was like nothing I had ever heard of, and indeed it did not disappoint. Admittedly I was skeptical, as I generally am, when it comes to stories with familial ties, however, this was not what it appeared to be. Alice was Ace’s stepsister for a short amount of time and this story is not based on the incest fuelled plot line that I had imagined.

The premise behind this short story is a new take on Alice in Wonderland and there are many unforeseen twists and turns, with sex being the one constant. I read this book in one go as once I started I could not put it down. At times the writing was a little jerky and not as fluid as it could have been, but despite this I found myself getting lost in the storyline.

Bane has taken the brave decision to tell the story from three different perspectives: Ace, Alice and the Sex Doll. This worked well for Bane as it added a new dimension and allowed the reader to connect with all three characters. Although elements of the narrative voices were not as strong and I definitely found myself enjoying two of them more than the other (I won’t tell you which), I found this to be an intriguing way to write. You can buy this collection as three separate short stories, one from each perspective continuing the storyline, or as one longer story; I read it as one collection.

The story mixes erotica, steamy sex scenes, humour and dashings of fairy tales. The mythical creatures and imaginative characters really enhanced the story, with the dragon being my absolute favourite! I loved that this is a completely wacky and unexpected story with twists that I did not see coming. This is not a story for the faint hearted nor someone who doesn’t like their erotica to go to crazy town! White Rabbit Tale is however full of hot sex and even has a steamy game chess like you have never read before.

White Rabbit Tale (sold separately or as a collection) is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US, and GoodReads.

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